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VINNALEA Premium Genuine Leather Diaper Bags

We all know that the main function of a baby bag is to be roomy and comfy, so it can carry everything the new baby (and parents) need for whatever the day throws away. And Babies need a lot of stuff: diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream, a lot of clothes, baby shampoo, and body wash... and much more essentials.

But not all moms want a genuine leather diaper bag backpack that screams...Diaper Bag!

And we clearly understand that at VINNALEA! We fully understand that you don't have to compromise your passion for genuine leather bags because you have a new baby.

VINNALEA creates the type of real leather diaper bag you dream of having in your closet and that represents perfectly your personality.

At Vinnalea, we understand that your new life is much more than diaper-changing duties. And your genuine leather diaper bag backpack must suit your new mom's life and your lifestyle.

Stand out from the crowd and establish your own unique style with intricately designed genuine leather diaper bags of premium quality.

The Genuine Leather Used By VINNALEA

Although there are several varieties of real leather, three are mainly used in the high-end industry: 

Full-grain leather: Full-grain leather can be defined as the Roll Rolls of the leather. This type of leather is 100% animal hide, untreated, and incorrect. It comes from the top layer of the hide.

Top grain leather: If Full-grain is Roll Rolls, then Top grain is its very closed best friend. The only difference is that it has had the very top layer sanded or/and buffed to remove imperfections in the finish 

Split grain leather: Split grain is not as dense and tight as the ones above. It still provides high quality and useful leather material for goods.